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Mr. Digital

Welcome to IRP! [Keybindings / Commands are here]

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Hello! and Welcome to IRP!


We've put this post together to help you get started!


A Couple of Requirements:


  • A working microphone

As a role-play server we require all users to have a working microphone. Failure to do so will result in being asked to leave the server. If you need help setting up a microphone, please feel free to reach out to staff on our discord channel to help.


  • Voice chat
    We use TeamSpeak TokoVOIP to talk in-game. Please view the post on these forums if you need help setting it up. Please make sure that push to talk is enabled.


Join our discord for the most real-time up to date information about the community or servers.  if servers are down for any reason etc. will be posted there first!




You will most absolutely need to know what we allow and don't allow you can find that out by going to our rules post [rules here]



  • M - Action Menu

  • F2 - Inventory

  • F5 - Documents Menu

  • F6 - Job Menu

  • F7 - Invoice Menu

  • F9 = Thief Menu

  • Y - Seatbelt

  • B - Point

  • U - Phone (must own a cell phone form the store)

  • Y - Vehicle Trunk (vehicle must not be occupied)

  • G - Vehicle Glove Box (must be inside Vehicle)

  • Shit+Z - Change Voice Level (Whisper, Normal, Shout)




The following / Commands are available:


  • /ad - Allows you to post an advert.

  • /anontweet - Allows you to post anonymously to twitter.

  • /bag - Brings up bag interactions if you are wearing a bag (brought from the stores).

  • /balance - Shows how much you have in your bank account.

  • /campfire - Spawns a campfire. Use /delcampfire to remove. Warning. Fire burns.

  • /carry - Slings someone over your shoulder.

  • /chair - Spawns a chair. Use /delchair to remove

  • /do - Text emote.

  • /job - Check your current job and rank.

  • /me - Text emote. 

  • /notes - Brings up your notepad if you have one (brought from the stores).

  • /ooc - Global communication. Only used for asking for admin help (see rules).

  • /report - Report a player or an issue.

  • /takehostage - Requires a valid weapon (a pistol). Press G to release the hostage or H to kill them.

  • /tent - Spawns a tent. Use /deltent to remove. 

  • /hood - opens your vehicle hood

  • /trunk - opens your vehicle trunk



Your Unconscious

Press INS to notify EMS (yes even if unconscious you can role-play a passerby called).


Your Car is not able to Run / Out of Gas

Gas is shown at the vehicle HUD at the bottom.
If you find yourself out of gas you can use Shift+E to Push your car to the side of the road and message a mechanic. They will be able to come out to you with gas a can. You will be sent an invoice for the gas if you choose to do this.
You may also call a mechanic if you are in an accident or cannot get your vehicle started and they will be able to assist you with repairs. If a mechanic is not on then you will have the option to use a repair kit to temporarily get your car working again so you can drive to a local repair center (this will only work if there is no mechanic online and on duty at the time).


Your Car is Gone

If you are unable to find your car and it is not showing up in your garage then there is a high probability that it has been towed by parking enforcement. If this has happened you will have a ticket for the fine and the vehicle will have been impounded. Visit the Impound Center to retrieve it and pay any fine received. If the car was stolen, then you need to visit an insurance agency to make a claim.


You randomly just go unconscious

That means your Thirst and Hunger (The Blue and Yellow Bars) are completely empty and have passed out from not eating or drinking. You can visit any store to buy food and drink.



How to use the in-game Phone


Press U to bring up your Phone. You will be shown with the following options:

  • Telephone - Brings up your recently called numbers
    Favourites (left arrow key) - Accesses emergency services numbers
    Contacts (right arrow key) - Accesses your list of contacts
  • Messages - Brings up your texts and allows you to write a new text
  • Contacts - Shows you your list of phone contacts and allows you to enter a new one
  • Settings - Brings up information about your phone
    My Number - Shows you your mobile number
    Wallpaper - Allows you to change your phone's wall paper image
    Phone Type - Allows you to change the look of your phone
    Zoom - Allows you to change how large the phone is on the screen
    Volume - Allows you to change the sound volume
    Fresh Install - Wipes the contents of your phone and gives you a new number


Pressing the icon beneath these four options (circle with six dots) will expand your menu and show you some more phone applications that you can use:

  • 911 Dispatch - Currently not in use
  • Bank - Shows your current bank balance
  • Photo - Puts you into first person and allows you to zoom in and out with the mouse wheel
  • Dark Chat - Access the Dark Web
  • 9GAG - View memes and gifs


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