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  3. What is your character's name? Testing how this works Why do you want to be a sales associate? BEcause I need ot know how this works What is your character's phone number? (In game please) 999-9999 Do you have any sales experience? If so, please explain. I'm the owner Please check all that apply and please answer truthfully. I have a valid driver's license. I have a valid motorcycle license. I can pass a drug screening. If you checked the box next to any responses with an asterisk* please explain. N/A Scenario: You encounter a customer who is requesting a car that you are unsure if we can get. The owner of Eagle Automotive is on. What do you do in this scenario? Eagle Scenario: You are in the process of selling a car and the client refuses to put down a debit/credit card for the automatic payments and does not have the money for the down payment on hand. The customer wants to take the car to go get the money from the bank. What do you do? Le Eagle What is your steam name? * Eagle What is your discord name and # (Ex: Jack#1143) * Zero Eagle#1111 How long have you been in IRP for? * A week? What timezone are you in? * EST What is your birthday? (Out of character) * 11/15/1996 What do you wish to accomplish in IRP? * Selling cars and chewing bubblegum. And I'm all out of bubblegum I understand that asking about an application will get it instantly denied. The owner of Eagle Automotives will contact me when they reach a decision on my application. * Yes
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