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  • 1. The Community and its members MUST be Respected at ALL Times!

    This Rule is first because it is the most IMPORTANT Rule! 
    Disrespect ruins RP experience. Anyone found disrespecting the community or anyone in it will be banned. Don't argue out of character about what happened in-character if you have an issue with someone in game bring it to a Staff Member!
    2. Deathmatch. 

    Killing another player's character without a reason is STRICTLY PROHIBITED! 
    Randomly picking fights with no in-character reason is also against the rules; this is called RDM or Random Death Match.

    Examples of what NOT to do:

    * Walking up to someone and cursing / insulting them for no reason with the intention to start a fight.
    * Shooting or Punching random players without reason.
    * Using a vehicle to run over people with no reason.
    3. New Life Rule (NLR)

    This rule states that if your character respawns, you have no recollection of the events leading up to your death. If you're revived you might have some information regarding the events but, remember, this is RP. If you took a few shots to the chest or were hit with a blunt object, things might be a little fuzzy. Play it to the best of your ability and remember that revenge killing is a violation of the NLR rule. If you are having problems with being killed over and over by the same person due to something that happened within RP, contact staff. 
    4. Power/Metagaming

    Powergaming: a style of interacting with the game system with the aim of maximising progress towards a specific goal.

    * Unrealistically forcing someone into a situation without giving them a chance to respond.
    * Unrealistically ignoring severe character injuries.

    Metagaming: a term used to describe a player’s use of real-life knowledge concerning the state of the game to determine their character’s actives, when said character has no relevant knowledge or awareness under the circumstances.

    * Watching a live stream of another player to see where they are and what they are doing.
    5. Offensive / Banned Roleplay Scenarios

    You're not permitted to perform roleplay involving sexual acts, detailed acts of torture and dismemberment or other extreme activities without the consent of ALL Participants of the scenario. The decision of any player not wishing to be involved in such roleplay must be respected. If this kind of roleplay is being forced upon you, you may log out to avoid it and must report the incident to a staff member as soon as possible. 
    6. Criminal Code

    If you have committed a crime you should give any active police officers the chance to be able to investigate. Those playing police officers deserve the right to be able to interact with the scenario.

    - Mugging Players

    If you intend to rob another player you must announce your intentions through roleplay and you must have a weapon drawn.

    - Taking a Player Hostage

    Citizens and members of whitelisted jobs may be taken hostage, but the following rules should be applied and adhered to;

    * In all cases the situation should be fully RPed out and it is only reasonable that if you are trying to take someone hostage that you have a weapon of some kind drawn.
    * Members of whitelisted jobs can be taken hostage, although do keep in mind that police officers are generally more equipped to deal with such situations and neither department take lightly to their members being kidnapped.
    * In either case it is considered bad manners to carry out such kidnappings if there are no police officers about; you should try to allow for the fact that police would respond to such a crime and allow for PD players to be able to interact with the roleplay.

    - Vehicle Theft

    Whitelisted job vehicles can be stolen if they are either left unlocked or you are able to break into them somehow… However, keep in mind that you will have to deal with any roleplay fall out that comes your way from such an action. Police do not take these things lightly. 
    7. Gangs

    When creating or joining a gang you must agree to the following rules;

    - Gang Requirements

    * The gang must have an established leader.
    * There should be a well-worded handbook available to all members.
    * A functional rank system.
    * A set of well established rules that gang members should adhere to.

    - Gang Rules

    * All members of the gang must be in good standing with the community.
    * When involved in gang roleplay scenarios you must be wearing gang colors.

    The gang’s handbook should be written up as a Google document and all members of the gang should have access to this at all times. Once created staff members will review the information given and give feedback on anything that requires to be edited.
    Note: Currently there is a maximum of eight members per gang limit in effect.
    8. OOC (Out of Character)

    Whilst in the city you are expected to be in character at all times.

    The only reason going out of character is accepted is if you require help from a staff member online at the time. If this is the case, please use the /ooc command to request help.
    9. Jail / Prison

    Whilst you are in jail you are unable to make or receive phone calls as your mobile phone would have been taken from you either when you were being arrested or otherwise when you were admitted to Bolingbroke Penitentiary. 
    10. Scenario Time Commitment / Respawn

    It is considered good manners to make sure you have the time to finish a roleplay scenario if you start or get involved in one. We understand that sometimes real life gets in the way and should always come first, but if you know you are running on a time limit you should try and stay away from anything that is likely to take more time.

    If your character has been downed please be patient. If there is EMS on duty then they will get to you as soon as possible.
    11. Realistic Roleplay

    We are a “Real Life Roleplay” community and as such expect people to act realistically.

    Examples of what not to do:

    * Drifting (you may drift a LITTLE) but this is not a drift server.
    * Killing for no reason.
    * Calling EMS and then say never-mind I am fine. 
    * Using an inappropriate vehicle for performing work duties.
    * Unrealistically ignoring injuries.
    12. Contract-killer / Serial-killer Roleplay

    Anyone choosing to play these types of characters should contact server admin first and present their character concept and will be closely monitored by staff.

    - Contract-killer

    Players choosing to play this style of character will need to have a strict set of rules that they operate by and should only perform assassinations when they have valid reason to do so (eg. they have a contract on a person from another character).

    - Serial-killer

    Players choose to play this style of character will need to have valid in-character reasons to be doing what they do. This style of character will be heavily pursued by the police and should take into consideration that they will have to provide plenty of clues and tracks for police to be able to investigate (a good way of doing this is leaving notes at the scene of a crime laying out what police can see). 
    13. Kickable / Bannable Offences

    Please keep in mind that as a roleplay server we require you to have a working microphone. Failure to comply by this simple rule will result in you receiving a warning and if you do not fix the issue then you will be asked to leave the server.

    - Kickable Offences

    * Cop Baiting
    * Deathmatching - RDM / VDM
    * Racism / Sexism
    * Spamming Emergency Services
    * Repeatedly power-gaming / meta-gaming.


    * Using injectors to mod and cheat
    * Using exploits
    * Racist language or remarks
    If you need any help please visit our Support channel in the discord.

    DO NOT Use Game Chat for anything other then slash commands it should not be used as a general chat. if you wish to have conversations with someone you can use your in-game phone. 

    A working microphone is required to play on this server. If you do not have one you will be kicked from the server. If you need help setting up your microphone please reach out to us on the Discord #help-center where we will do our best to help you.

    If you have any questions or concerns about these rules please direct them to an Admin. 

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